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Monday, July 11, 2005

Head For The Pills

3:11 AM: I Can't Sleep

My head is fucking killing me. I've not had a migraine this bad in ages and stopping to stare at an LCD screen, even one as easy on the eye as a Vaio, is probably not the wisest of moves. The the excuse of forgetting to unplug the laptop, 'so I might as well drain the battery a little', is not really sufficient but the addition of a strong cuppa, (seems to help despite all anecdotal evidence to the contrary), to boost the caffeine content of Propain, the only non-prescript drug that has any effect, plus a banana - for reasons I have yet to discover, all add up to my tried and trusted 'migraine-relief plan'. The ice cold 'face-pack-strapped-to-forehead' technique loses all credible effect amid this current humid state.

Another thing that keeping me awake following this afternoon's reconstruction of 'When Ants Attack', (see previous post), is, what happens when poison goes off? Does it become safe or get better?

"Harry, over here, have a look at this one old chap. Rat poison circa 1910. When first introduced it promised to give old ratty a pretty stiff seeing-to and a nasty stomach-ache to any curious child with a penchant for poking about where he shouldn't be."

"Like most children Sir?"

"Yes Harry, like most children, now it's absolutely bally lethal. Why, just a thimble full of the stuff is sufficient to knock out an entire typically sized family friendly south coast English summer holiday resort."

"How can you be sure Sir?"

"Last month I tried it out on the residents of Bognor Regis"

"I read nothing in the press."

"Just so - thus far outside of the improvement nobody's noticed the difference."

"One of Sir's little jokes?"

"No Harry this time the joke's for real. They'll think twice next time before before issuing a parking fine to a visiting Regional Sustainability Development Co-ordinator and part-time Epidemiologist for nothing more than a five minute dash to WH Smith & Son for the latest copy of Cage & Aviary Birds Magazine."

"And you left your hazard lights on didn't you Sir?"

"And I left my hazard lights on, Good God well remembered Harry, I did indeed. For heaven's sake what kind of a world do we inhabit when such a disproportionate response can arise out of such simple retail essentials?"

"Permission to utter an ironic 'Doh! Sir?"

"Go ahead Harry, you've earned it"


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Blogger SleepsWithTheFishes said...

So apparently the humble Banana is loaded with plenty um good stuff and according to this site will eventually save the world - hurrah!

Research has shown that the potassium-packed fruit can assist learning by making people more alert and reducing stress levels and, look there's loads more stuff - I can't remember it all right now, just go and take a fucking look for yourself and stop bugging me ok?

Ha, ha, ha & a-ho, ho, ho, yes it's our old friend Irony [transatlantic link] and look he's brought his friend profanity - oh you guys!

Tue Jul 12, 03:07:00 pm GMT

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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