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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Crime & Spam Don't Pay

"Sorry luv spam's orf..."

Incredibly Spam is on the decrease - hooray!
The nasty purportrators, often called 'net criminals' are increasingly turning to phishing attacks instead - boo! But no one reading this blog is dopey enough to get caught out by such fiendish-like fraud right? - hooray again!

Seriously Spam is being seen as unprofitable hence the switch to creating dopleganger websites in the hope people will reveal their bank accounts details. 'There's nowt so queer as folk' and it seems some people are only too happy to hand over their confidential details to any Tom, Dick or As such this has meant a reported decrease in the ratio of spam to legitimate e-mail from 83% in January to 67% in June. If this accurate then one of the very real benefits of this will be a slight freeing-up of net-congestion - to my mind the most serious side effect of all that spamming traffic.

See this from the beeb for further info plus background links from The Register et al.

I do want to include a real-life everyday security and common sense feature surrounding the dark side of the web called The Dark Side Of The Web. Well that's some progress because I didn't have a title until just then. As the shallow individual I most definitely am, a cool logo design or a catchy title goes a long way to getting copy on page. There are a lot of things one can get stung by while surfing the net especially if you like to go off-piste as much as I do. So with this in mind plus the problems faced by many 'average' users to whom I've had to lend support before my Agoraphobia set up squat and preventing the growth of my all-conquering IT support business, I shall write up something shortly - promise :)


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